Our Services

“Helping People get back on Course”
When life seems out of control and filled with more problems than solutions, what do you do next? Continue on your same path and not go anywhere? Maybe you should take it to someone with skills and experience to get you “back on course.” — that’s just good, common sense.

If your life has become more than you can handle, or you find yourself struggling with unhealthy feelings or habits, you need a sound treatment program that provides mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

At Lake Murray Counseling Center, we believe that people are God’s creation and are best helped by combining spiritual therapy, when appropriate, with proven counseling techniques. We help you set goals, make changes, and grow rather than getting stuck in terminal discussions about “the problem”. We believe that counseling is often a short term process which leads to long term results. Our goal is to provide you efficient but thorough counseling that will effectively meet your needs. We will not rush you, nor needlessly prolong therapy.


Adolescence issues: peer pressure, school problems, relational issues,
rebellion or acting out, college/career selection


Adult issues: pre-marital and marital issues, mid-life crisis,
single adult issues, divorce recovery, workplace stresses and transitions,
relational and family difficulties,
financial troubles such as budgeting and debt reduction